Pre-House Design
Information You Need Before Designing A House
(Basic and essential information you should gather before designing a house)

Architecture Styles in Australia (Brief History)
Italiante 1865c - 1890c
Gothic Revival 1840c - 1880c
Academic Classical 1845c - 1865c
Victorian Tudor 1840c - 1890c (Coming Soon...)
Second Empire 1860c - 1900c (Coming Soon...)
Boom Style 1885c - 1892c (Coming Soon...)

What is an Architecural Drawing Title Block (What a Title Block is and what information should be on it for building plans)
What Drawings are required and used for a set of House Plans (A brief introduction to all the drawings used for building a house)
What are R.L's and how to work with R.L's (Reduced Levels) (What is an R.L and how to work with them when designing a house)
What are scale drawings, and how to draw a scaled drawing using a ruler (Using a ruler as a scale ruler, chart of drawing scales used)

Floor Plans
House Room Sizes & Design Information (House Room size design dimensions and Building Code of Australia information requirements of room types)

Types of of House Roofs (Guide to common roof design types used in houses)
How to Draw a Hip & Valley Roof
(Tutorial on how to draw a hip and valley roof - begginers to advanced with step by step examples and tips)
How to Design & Draw a Hip & Valley Roof Plan - Part 1 Video Tutorial including files
How to Design & Draw a Hip & Valley Roof Plan - Part 2 Video Tutorial including files
Roof Truss Types (Different types of pre-fabricated timber roof trusses commonly used in house roof designs)
Roof Truss Web Profile Styles (The 4 web profile styles used in roof trusses - execellent reference for designing exposed roof trusses in a house)

Type of Building Consultants
(Explanation of different building consultants used, what they do, and when to use them when building aand designing a house)

In addition to the information I provide for designing and drafting your own house, I have another side project that tells you how long a house or land has been For Sale or Rent in Australia.
It is also Free to Use and also has a search to give you a price range indication of house and land for sale that doesn't have a listed price.
It is called Get House Date www.gethousedate.com.au Mobile Friendly too.