Pre-House Design
Information You Need Before Designing A House
(Basic and essential information you should gather before designing a house)

Architecture Styles in Australia (Brief History)
Italiante 1865c - 1890c
Gothic Revival 1840c - 1880c
Academic Classical 1845c - 1865c
Victorian Tudor 1840c - 1890c (Coming Soon...)
Second Empire 1860c - 1900c (Coming Soon...)
Boom Style 1885c - 1892c (Coming Soon...)

What is an Architecural Drawing Title Block (What a Title Block is and what information should be on it for building plans)
What Drawings are required and used for a set of House Plans (A brief introduction to all the drawings used for building a house)
What are R.L's and how to work with R.L's (Reduced Levels) (What is an R.L and how to work with them when designing a house)
What are scale drawings, and how to draw a scaled drawing using a ruler (Using a ruler as a scale ruler, chart of drawing scales used)

Floor Plans
House Room Sizes & Design Information (House Room size design dimensions and Building Code of Australia information requirements of room types)

What are foundations & footings & soil class (Detailed information relating to foundations, footing and soil classes)
Types of Building Footings / Foundations (Different types of foundations / footings used in building)

Types of of House Roofs (Guide to common roof design types used in houses)
How to Draw a Hip & Valley Roof
(Tutorial on how to draw a hip and valley roof - begginers to advanced with step by step examples and tips)
How to Design & Draw a Hip & Valley Roof Plan - Part 1 Video Tutorial including files
How to Design & Draw a Hip & Valley Roof Plan - Part 2 Video Tutorial including files
Roof Truss Types (Different types of pre-fabricated timber roof trusses commonly used in house roof designs)
Roof Truss Web Profile Styles (The 4 web profile styles used in roof trusses - execellent reference for designing exposed roof trusses in a house)

Type of Building Consultants
(Explanation of different building consultants used, what they do, and when to use them when building aand designing a house)

Building Extension Case Examples
Convert Garage to Bedroom, Office, Study etc. (Converting a garage to a habitable room requires change of building class from 10a to 1 to comply with BCA/NCC)

Convert Garage to Bedroom EXAMPLE Cases (This page gives examples of different scenarios and what to consider)

In addition to the information I provide for designing and drafting your own house, I have another side project that tells you how long a house or land has been For Sale or Rent in Australia.
It is also Free to Use and also has a search to give you a price range indication of house and land for sale that doesn't have a listed price.
It is called Get House Date www.gethousedate.com.au Mobile Friendly too.