Third video of the series of how I put together the computer desk I am making and entering into the instructables competition for a project using only hand tools.
In this video, I show how I cut both dry and wet wood for the project. Luckily not many wet pieces to cut in the making of the project. I use a square and wood knife to score the timber fibres as that helps with keeping the blade straight when sawing as the teeth of the saw follow the cuts down the wood.

I use a hand saw, clamp, square and wood knife to cut the wood.

I mark on the wood where I want to cut, use the square to rule a line across, then use the wood knife and square to score the wood fibres. Take care with the knife, and go slowly with scoring the wood. It is best to make multiple shallow passes than one big one to score the wood.
The reason we score the wood is so the hand saw will be guided somewhat by the score lines. You could use a mitre box too on this step, but I am hard core and just went free style.

Once the wood is scored, clamp wood to bench. Make sure to place a piece of wood under the wood you want to cut so you don't cut your bench below (if that matters to you)

Next, slowly draw the saw across the score lines and begin to cut.




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