I have been wanting to make a new computer desk for some time. The one I currently use is tiny and is a shop bought particle board piece of crap. I saw this competition and thought I would attempt my project with hand tools.
Certainly has been a workout. With power tools I think you could finish this project in a day, but if you go my route doing it with hand tools, you will need the patience of a Zen Master. The part that took the longest was cutting every board of the pallet wood planks, although drilling the holes took a very long time too, as did the hand sawing in general, basically all of it, it all took a very long time. The measurements of my desk are 2400mm x 700mm. You can do whatever dimensions you like as my instructable shows the process no matter what dimensions.
The height of the desk is 750mm to the top, or 640mm from floor to frame to allow for leg clearance. I drew up a diagram to show how all the parts go together. I use some photos and text in this instructable, but I highly recommend watching the videos for detailed 'how to'.

Here is a drawing I did of the project. I actaully did the drawing after I finished making the desk. I worked out the height, width and depth then just worked from there. I had no idea how I was going to support the desk top until I got to it.

I used a few different hand tools as can be seen in the image. I didn't show the other longer hand saw I have in the photo, nor the pencil. I think I covered everything else I used though to make this. I didn't include the materials I used in a photo, but essentially I used pallet wood for the top of the computer desk, normal radiata pine for the framing. I also used sand paper too, steel wool and an old cotton t-shirt. You will also need wood glue (PVA), furniture wax and a ton of patience.