External Wall Cladding and Internal Wall Lining Alternative Thermal Performance Materials

The proposed building consists of brick veneer external walls with plasterboard wall linings to all internal walls. An alternative to this construction type is using “green energy bricks” and timber OSB (oriented strand board) sheets to internal walls. Another alternative is using ThermaCell blocks for external walls and villa board for internal linings.

External Cladding 1
Green Energy Bricks
Dimensions:       320mm Thick / 600mm Long / 300mm High
R value:                R8.0+
Cost per brick:   $55

The selected alternative exterior wall material “green energy bricks”, have many benefits over the brick veneer external walls. It is light weight, has a high R value (R8.0), simple to build with, no mortar required, cost effective in construction and materials, fire resistant, does not require core filling and has high acoustic and thermal characteristics.
 As it is lined both sides with 9mm magnesium it also has natural aesthetic properties. The downside is that it is thicker than a standard brick veneer wall at 80mm thicker. Being thicker, the best solution is to increase the concrete slab outwards to accommodate the additional thickness which will add some minor additional cost to the slab. However, the” green energy bricks” don’t require a rebate to the slab therefore saving time for the concreter to add formwork required to create the rebate, saving both time and money.

Using “green energy bricks” also means only 1 wall needs to be built as a stud wall is not required, nor sisalation, insulation batts or plasterboard.
As it is waterproof, it also complies with the BCA. In terms of cost, it is equivalent to building a double brick wall. Although a little more expensive than building a brick veneer wall, savings are made by simple construction methods, reduced materials required and energy efficiency savings.


Internal Lining 1
OSB (Orientated Strand Board)
Dimensions:       9.5/11/18.5mm Thick / 2440mm Long / 1200mm High
Cost per/sheet: from $22

Internal linings with raw OSB compliment the modern look of the magnesium sheeting of the “green energy bricks”. The internal sides of the external walls could be left with the natural magnesium finish to the inside, with all other internal walls lined with OSB.
OSB is a strong, durable material made of recycled timber fibres and glue. It has an interesting texture if left unpainted and is easy to cut minimising labour costs.
The wood materials used to make OSB are sourced from sustainable managed plantations so it is environmentally friendly in that regard. It is also resistant to termites, fungal decay and is a fire retardant.
I propose using OSB to all internal stud walls with selected stain finish so the wood tecture is still visible.
As OSB needs 2mm gaps for expansion, the gaps can be used as a feature to add to its modern aesthetic appeal. 
It is also structural giving additional bracing to walls.



External Cladding 2
Dimensions:       200mm Thick / 1200mm Long / 250mm High
R value:                R2.88
Cost per m2:       from $300

External claddings made of polystyrene are becoming more popular. One product that stands out is the ThermaCell block. It is able to be cut into 200mm units and is simple to construct due to its easy key interlocking assembly like LEGO blocks. This makes it ideal for DIY builders as there is no need for professional trades to be used, therefore, saving money.
After the block work is assembled, it is core filled with concrete making both a strong structural wall as well as a wall with good R value insulation.
The blocks are lightweight and easy to handle and the wall system once core filled is also fireproof.
Plumbing and electrical work is easily installed after the block walls have been cored filled with concrete. This allows the wall to be chased back to the concrete wall through the polystyrene.
The walls are usually finished with a render to the external face and can be lined with other materials to the internal face. This wall system has many attributes making it a great choice for selection for many projects.


Internal Lining 2
Villa Board Wall Lining

Dimensions:       6/9/12mm Thick
Cost per/sheet: from $12
Another excellent internal wall cladding is Villa Board. It complements the use of ThermaCell as it is impact resistant, protecting the polystyrene walls and making it a great product for both commercial and residential projects. It has many properties that make it a superior product to plasterboard such as:

Villa Board is more expensive than plasterboard so is better suited to areas of high impact or high moisture area such as bathrooms and laundries.

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