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Creating your own menu for AutoCAD can be a very useful and rewarding task and is quite simple. In AutoCAD versions 2006 onwards, users can use the 'customizable user interface' (CUI) to create menus in a drag and drop method. Although this is easy for the average user, writing the code iteself can be just as easy and even give you some more control than using the drag and drop method. I will be focussing on the written code method that can be simply written in Notepad.

Before the CUI filetype was created, AutoCAD used the (.MNU) filetype. The .MNU filetype can still be used today in even the latest AutoCAD versions (2015), as when it is loaded into AutoCAD, AutoCAD automatically converts it to a CUI filetype while retaining the existing MNU file intact.

What can you do with a Menu?
Create Commands
Create Toolbars
Create Image Library
Create Auxillary Menus

I have written the tutorials starting from basic concepts to more advanced concepts. So jump write in and start your first tutorial on the next page.

>>>>1. AutoCAD Menu - Basics