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Once you have that LISP file you wrote or found on the internet, you need to know how to load the file into AutoCAD. Open up AutoCAD and in the command prompt, type appload A window will pop-up like the one below (Fig.1) Now goto the location where you have saved your lisp file, select the file and Click Load as shown circled in red in Fig.1 This method is OK if you only want to load the file for the current drawing your in, but if you want to load the LISP file every time you want start AutoCAD, and for every drawing, you need to add the file to the Startup Suite. (Fig.2)


Click on Contents button (shown Circled red Fig.2), then goto directory where your file(s) are located, select the file(s), click Add then Close and Close. The files will now automatically load for every new drawing once you restart AutoCAD. Note the Appload comand can be used to load other file formats as: