On this page I have listed a description of the Advanced Diploma and what to expect once you complete the course, a unit guideline of what the course contains (click on units for more information), and examples / reference of assingment tasks to help current students.
The advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) course, will allow you to become a building designer and draftsman, either working for another building desinger or architect, or yourself.
To start your own indpendant building design practice, you need to both complete the course in full, and are also required to have relevant 1 years experience working in the industry with a qualified and registered building designer or architect before applying for registration with the Victorian Building Practitioners Board.
(NOTE: Check for current registration requirements as they may change)
In additon to the 1 years experience required, you will also be required to have worked on certain types of building projects as a part of the required experience, and this can be a challenge if you complete the course in a regional town where you intend to also live and work, as likely you will not be able to work on certain types of projects in the region as a basis for required experience needed in the application for registration. This means you may need to move, or travel to a major city for work to obtain suitable project types. If you do not intend to register, then this is not an issue as long as you work for a registered building designer or architect.

Nominal hours for the course is 2086 hours, which is run over 3 years. Generally the first and second years of the course are 4 full days a week, and the third year is usually 1 day a week.
The course itself will teach you both skills and knowledge in designing and drafting (documenting) a residential and commercial building, including applying relevant building codes and regulations. The workload is very heavy and involved, and in addition to the time spent at TAFE, you will be required to undetake a signifficant amount of time outside of school hours to complete assignments.
Working in the industry can be interesting at times, monotonous at times depending on the project and place of work, frustrating when dealing with planning issues in relation to both council and objectors to projects, and an industry where a lot can be learned too.
At times you may also be required to work extended hours to complete a project on time. The job itself has the potential to be varied in its scope, although starting off you will likely find you have little if any input into actual building design.
There are a lot of opportunites for utilising various skills and knowledge, and you will find over time you may have a preference for one aspect in particular such as working only on residential buildings, or may find you really enjoy 3D modelling.
In addition to the course, you will gain additional knowledge consulting with other building professionals whether they be designers, engineers, surveyors and/or other specialist consultants.

What is it like to work as an Architect, Building Designer or Interior Designer?
If you are interested in working in the building design industry, I will talk about what to expect.
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Course Units Guide for Advanced Diploma
VU21587 Undertake site survey and analysis to inform design process
VU21588 Apply structural and construction technology to the design of residential buildings
VU21589 Apply structural and construction technology to the design of commercial buildings
VU21590 Comply with relevant legislation in the design of residential buildings
VU21591 Comply with relevant legislation in the design of commercial buildings
VU21592 Design safe buildings
VU21593 Design sustainable buildings
VI21594 Integrate services layout into design documentation
VU21596 Produce preliminary and working drawings for residential buildings
VU21597 Produce working drawings for commercial buildings
VU21598 Select construction materials for building projects
VU21599 Provide design solutions for residential and commercial buildings
VU21600 Integrate digital applications into architectural workflows
VU21601 Present architectural designs
VU21602 Manage architectural project administration
VU21603 Undertake complex architectural projects
VU21604 Conduct a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
VU21605 Apply Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment

Year 1
Bushfire Attack Level BAL (Unit Code VU20716)
Codes & Standards - House Alternative Thermal Cladding Materials (Unit Code VPAU585)
Construction Photo Diary - Concrete Slab
Provide Design Solutions - Architectural History Characteristics of Styles (Year 1 VU21599)

Year 2
Provide Design Solutions - Architectural History Characteristics of Styles (Year 2 VU21599)
--> Neolithic Period Architectural Characteristics
--> Mesopotamian Architectural Characteristics
--> Eyptian Architectural Characteristics
--> Minoan Architectural Characteristics
--> Greek Architectural Characteristics
--> Etruscan Architectural Characteristics
--> Roman Architectural Characteristics

Year 3
Small Business Planning (Example of Small Business Plan Unit Code BSBSMB404A)
Risk Management (Example of Architectural Building Design Practice Risk Management Plan Unit Code BSBPMG415A)

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